Fire Prevention Services

Emergency 911 FPS 512-495-3637

Staff Biographies

James H. “Jimmy” Johnson

Director, Fire Marshal


Waymon Jackson, P.E.

Assistant Fire Marshal

Waymon has over 25 years of experience in life safety and fire protection, and is licensed by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers as a fire protection engineer. He has worked in many different areas of the field, and gained valuable experience holding such varied positions as fire alarm contractor, plan reviewer for the city of Fort Worth, and consulting engineer for a fire and life safety engineering firm.

Prior to joining the university, Waymon worked with a number of distinguished firms including Westinghouse, Grinnell Fire Protection Systems, Wormald Fire Systems, Bechtel Savannah River, Carter & Burgess, and Schirmer Engineering. He first joined the university as the supervisor of the Fire Safety Systems shop, and now serves the campus community by performing plan review and code consulting in his current position as a fire protection engineer for the Fire Prevention Services office.

David Mandole

Project Manager


Joshua Lambert

Engineering Specialist


Roosevelt C. Easley, B.S.

Fire Safety Specialist II

Before joining the university, Roosevelt served as a firefighter in both the Air Force and the Department of Defense. He retired after a 20-year career with the Air Force and was employed with the Department of Defense for seven years as an assistant fire chief. He is certified by the National Fire Protection Association as a fire inspector and plan examiner, and is also a member of the Austin/San Antonio Chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers.

Roosevelt has worked to build a professional rapport between Fire Prevention Services and the university community since becoming a part of our team. During his tenure with us he has developed fire and life safety presentations that have benefited all members of the university. In his current position he also assists in scheduling fire extinguisher training, monitors emergency evacuation drills, issues work assignments, and responds to customer service requests.

Francisco “Paco” Gutierrez

Fire Safety Specialist

Paco joined the university in 1991, and has been a member of the Fire Prevention Services team since 2002. Prior to working with FPS, he was with the Office of Environmental Health and Safety in a variety of departments including Asbestos Safety, Hazardous Materials Safety, and Radiation Safety, giving him a diverse background in the field.

In his current position, Paco serves the university by inspecting campus facilities for compliance with the Life Safety Code, as well as assisting with fire extinguisher training, monitoring emergency evacuation drills, and responding to customer service requests. He is also a volunteer firefighter and has been with the Pflugerville Fire Department for many years. In addition, he is certified by the state of Texas as an asbestos inspector, asbestos project manager, and asbestos air monitor technician, and is trained and certified to respond to emergency incidents involving hazardous materials.

Rick Trevino

Fire Safety Specialist

Rick has been with the Fire Prevention Services office since joining the university in 1989. Prior to his career at the university, Rick worked with a fire protection company inspecting, testing, and servicing portable and fixed fire-extinguishing systems. He received certification from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection as a fire safety technician and has maintained this certification throughout his time with us. He is also certified by the National Fire Protection Association as a fire inspector.

Perhaps Rick’s most important assignment at the university is monitoring the spectacular firework display immediately following each year’s commencement ceremony. He is fully trained and experienced in working with pyrotechnics, and is responsible for approving and monitoring firework displays on campus. He also assists with fire extinguisher training and monitoring emergency evacuation drills, and responds to customer service requests.

Yolanda Soriano

Administrative Assistant