Fire Prevention Services

Emergency 911 FPS 512-495-3637

Extinguishers on Campus

Extinguisher Types

The vast majority of extinguishers on campus are multipurpose, dry chemical units that are rated for use with Class A, B and C fires. Carbon dioxide units are the second most common type of extinguisher on campus, and are rated for use with Class B and C fires.

There are also K extinguishers installed on campus in areas of commercial cooking operations. Typically, these are only accessible to staff members assigned to that area.

Note: In previous years, Halon extinguishers were installed in areas with sensitive electronic equipment. However, the university is removing Halon extinguishers from campus due to environmental concerns and installing Carbon Dioxide extinguishers to replace the Halon units. If you have a Halon extinguisher in your work area, please notify the Fire Prevention Services office so we can replace the unit.

Extinguisher Locations

Extinguishers are kept in the following locations on campus:

Extinguisher Inspection Stickers

In previous years, Fire Prevention Services personnel attached paper tags to extinguishers that were hole-punched to indicate the month and year of the last maintenance inspection. However, the university has purchased a bar-coding system to monitor the inspection of portable extinguishers, so tags will no longer be attached when an inspection is performed.