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Have an Exit Strategy

FPS collaborates on public education campaign

September 19, 2006 — The University of Texas at Austin hosted a press conference unveiling the “Have an Exit Strategy” fire safety program. This program is a public education campaign designed to raise awareness about the importance of knowing all the exit routes in a building, not just the path to the front door.

The university will be one of the early adopters of this program, which was inspired by the tragic events of the Station Nightclub Fire of 2003 and is the brainchild of The Texas State Fire Marshal’s Office, the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), and the Austin-based communications firm ThinkStreet, Inc.

Fire Marshal Garland Waldrop represented the Fire Prevention Services office at the press conference, at which Texas State Fire Marshal Paul Maldonado and representatives from the LCRA and ThinkStreet spoke of the significance of this educational initiative. The Fire Prevention Services team has spent countless hours on this campaign, particularly in drafting exit maps for all university classrooms and conference rooms.

FPS urges all members of the university community to take time to study the exit maps that bear the “Have an Exit Strategy” logo, and to always be aware of more than one way out of a building, be it an academic hall, dormitory, nightclub, or stadium.

The safety awareness campaign will be promoted on campus with “Have an Exit Strategy” door-hangers, magnets, buttons, and screensavers, as well as with posters on public transportation.

For more information, see the Have an Exit Strategy website, Office of the Texas State Fire Marshal