Portable Fire Extinguisher Training

student participating in fire extinguisher test

Fire extinguishers are only valuable safety devices when you know how to use them. This is why we offer training in the use of fire extinguishers, and provide information on this Web site to help you learn about the ABCs of fire extinguishers, and how to perform visual inspections and decide whether or not to attempt to fight a fire. We encourage you to register for one of the fire extinguisher training sessions below, and test your fire extinguisher knowledge after reading the information provided all about fire extinguishers on this site.

NEW! UTLearn

Safety training has moved from TXClass to UTLearn, the University’s employee training management system. The training requirements have not changed, only where you register for and complete your training.

For information or questions about UTLearn itself, visit the website or contact the UT Service Desk.

Self-Registration for Students

As the employee training management system, UTLearn is accessible only by active UT Austin employee (faculty, staff, or student employee). However, the newly released self-registration process allows nonemployee students to register with and access UTLearn to complete their required safety training. Access to this functionality is currently limited to only students required to complete safety training.

Note: If you're a student, you need to register to use UT Learn. If you're not currently registered, please see your PI / Lab contact or contact Yolanda Soriano at 512-475-9480.

Supervisors who manage student safety training should contact Yolanda Soriano at 512-475-9480 to request the URL for the self-registration process.

To complete the training, login to UTLearn and search for class FF 205 (EID required).